About Me

cropped-sp-chair-tsarina-wm-1.jpgHello there!!

I’m Urvashi, a 27 year-old hotelier by profession and an artist by passion. I convey my creativity through the mediums of writing, photography and occasional prose and poetry.

*Virtual handshake*, the pleasure’s all mine!

It had been my dream to undertake a professional course in photography as and when I could afford myself the course as well as the time, so here I am, pursuing a diploma in Professional Photography from the Delhi School of Photography. On the side, I also shot my second All-India National Shotgun Championship and have been shortlisted for the Team India trials for Trap Shooting *super stoked*!! Life sure gets hectic when one is juggling a hotel venture, a photography course as well as a nascent career in sports, no doubt, but I am duly fortunate to be able to juggle my profession as well as my passions in a manner that is mutually complementing and one that leaves me feeling thoroughly fulfilled.

When it comes to online spaces, I’m far from being a serial Twitterer or a Tumblr junkie, and find routine posting mundane. This blog gives me the liberty to be moody and eccentric in my writing, to unload and outpour without the tension of being judged, to unpack and unwind at a pace that I command at my own liberty. To deflect. To reflect. At my own pace.

This is my humble journalistic space, where I write on a variety of topics and moods- from articulating my opinions *personal is political*, to semi-philosophy and often-running thoughts in the form of proses, poems and personal memoirs. Apart from meaning to create a thought repository of my own, I hope this blog finds you some elements of self-identification when you need it most, or useful insights to fuel your volatile mind. In our little existential crises, or whatever they are, I wish for these verbal figments to impart to you- a sense of belonging, of being, of becoming.

For, in this space of mine, creative and curious minds are always welcome.

Welcome aboard!

10 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Virendra Singh Bhati says:

    Hi Urvashi jija. Doing great job.
    You are my role model for my all life.
    I have looked upto you all my life.
    My best wishes are always with you.

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