Daastaan e Shiddat

Sunday, the 11th of December, 2016 | Kalari Rasayana, Kollam (Kerala)

Original verses

Jab ruh mein pichli guzaarishein naa rahi

Tab tum mile 

Jab usmein aisi khwaishein naa thi 

Tab tum mile 

Is kohre kaagaz par jab syaahi naa thi

Tabh tum mile 

Jin aankhon ko kabhi tabaahi naa dikhi 

Unhi ki nazron mein tum mile 

Mere dil ko is raftar dhadakna ab tak naseeb naa hua tha

Tabhi uski chaukhat pe tum aa pahuche 

Meri ruhaaniyat ke kotwal ne tumhara naam tak naa poocha 

Tumhari shaksiyat dekhte hi dargah ki raah par woh chal diya

Usko shaayar anjaan mein bana kar 

Bin dastak diye andar kadam tum rakh chuke


Mere jahaan ki saari muntazir roshniyaan e aftaab

Tumhaare aane par sajda kar gayi

Unhone tumhara noor ab tak dekha kahaan tha?

Aur mere daave par yakeen karna unki aadat nahi

Teri justajoo unke liye ab tak ek kaamil afsaana tha

Mera musalsal fanaah hona behintihaan tha 

Koi parwaanon ki ibaadat nahi 
Mere jasbaaton ke kaarwaa par

Tum samajhte ho khud ko ek aazad parinda 

Kaise tumhe main yakeen dilau, o Raahi e Jigar!

Ki jis mukaam par main itni shiddat se kayam hu

Usko aaj tak taqdeer mein aazmaaya hai 

Sirf kaaynaat ke chand diwano ne hai sahi





It was when the soul was devoid of any prior requests

That it met you

It was when it had no such wishes

That it met you

It was when this blank piece of paper had no ink smeared on it

That it met you

These eyes that had never seen destruction

These very eyes saw you
Until now, this heart did not have the fortune of beating at this speed

Just then, you landed at its doorstep

The inn- keeper of my soul didn’t even bother to enquire your name

Seeing your persona he set himself on the road leading to the Dargah

Unknowingly you turned him into a poet

And you laid your steps in without knocking


All the awaiting energies of my world

Bowed at your arrival

Where had they seen your pristine beauty until now?

Besides, they are not used to believing in my claims

For them, my longing for you was a legend that had attained its completion
My constant destruction in your love was endless

Not merely the prayer sung by butterflies


In my emotional journey

You think of yourself an uncaged bird

How shall I make you believe, O the Traveler of My Heart!

That the point at which I stand holding my field with such intensity

That point has been tested correctly in the varied destinies

Destinies that belong only to a few of this world’s mad men frenzied by love.





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